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wooden deck

Cleaning / maintenance

The weather with sun, snow and rain affects your wooden deck all year round.

Any outdoor wood surface is altered by a combination of UV, algae, dew and pollution.

We therefore recommend regular cleaning and care of the wooden deck.

Accoya nature 3 years not cleaned shaded area

Wooden deck Clean patio deck
Wooden deck Clean patio deck

Accoya nature 3 years sunny position

freshly machine cleaned 

not cleaned

Accoya nature 9 years regularly cleaned

Wooden deck Clean patio deck

Accoya nature new

Various changes occur on the wood surface such as;

Natural greying, surface fibers, algae and moss formation.

Let's call this a biofilm.

Moisture stays longer in this biofilm and therefore this layer grows.

The aim is to counteract the standing moisture as much as possible.

Clean your wooden deck regularly with clean water and a brush. 

If the biofilm is too "thick", machines and cleaning agents can be used in addition to water.

Not recommended with the water jet of the pressure washer. 

However, this work is very intensive by hand, which is why we offer mechanical cleaning and care of your wooden deck that is gentle on the wood.

We work with a 2 brush special cleaning machine.

Was the wooden deck originally treated with paint, e.g. with oil,

we can freshen it up in the desired color after basic cleaning.

Spring is a good time to do this.

care instructions

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