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Construction of underground

The decisive factor for a long-lasting wooden deck is the substrate and the substructure.

A wooden deck should always be planned to be air-washed as much as possible.

For new systems, at least 15cm are always planned to strive for. 

When replacing a wooden deck, a too low construction height should be corrected if possible.

When building over interlocking stones/garden slabs, the existing subsoil should be known and removed if necessary.

Example project Remove interlocking stones.


The substrate of a wooden deck should never be able to store moisture.

A permeable or water-draining surface is always a basic requirement for consequential damage or a time-consuming Entertainsto avoid.

gladly Bguess we you at an early stage of planning your wooden deck.

Garden slabs in the gravel bed

seepage concrete slab


Water-bearing seals on slopes



The substructure should always have the same or longer resistance to rot and other infestations.

It should also always be decoupled from the ground. 

We make the best constructive experiences in the construction of the substructure with wood.

We use thatdurable Accoya woodin various cross sections.

We use aluminium/PVC if it is expressly requested or if the construction height is so low that the substructure is practically standing in the water.

Aluminum is significantly more polluting than sustainably grown Accoya wood.

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